Codex Alimentarius vs Traditional Diet

Rescue, Maintain and Spread of biodiversity and of our alimentary heritage!

akratosThe Helession Community in front of the dilemma:

  • Wine filtered, watered-down with use of sulfate conservatives, colorants and other chemical additives, or
  • Pure high quality Wine, concentrated after removing the liquid of the grapes based on the ancient Hellenic (greek) standards. Without sulfate  preservatives, medical and other chemical additives, without filtering.

We chose three years ago the traditional production of wine, against the globalized diet codex (Codex Alimentarius), based on the experience of our ancestors, and we succeeded.

Ancient Greek Wined without sulfate preservatives!

AgiorgitikoThe Pure Wine (Akratos Oenos) of Helession overcame the adversities and problems of its preservation. It is natural and biological wine, a part of Mediterranean diet and of the French paradox. It does not contain sulfate preservatives neither toxic chemicals nor colorants. It has not been filtered.

The Community of Helession drunk with... the success of its choice, proceeded this year in the second production with white, red and rosé grapes. We used the domestic ancient Greek varieties of Agiorgitiko, Roditis and Savatiano.

The traditional vineyards that welcomed the members of Helession presented them with their precious gifts. The Community of Helession does not uses grapes from ill, polluted earth and of stressed vines. We do not produce wine off a raped nature.

AgiorgitikoThe grapes that were harvested come from vines that live free, without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. They have deep roots so that they can savor all the elements of Mother Earth. Cyclamens and cedar trees are their companions, along with traveling birds, that feasted upon their fruits to rest; the scented winds caressed them. Pan, the Bacchae and god Dionyssos stood sleepless guardians over them, with their smiling gazes.

That's how, thousands of years after the mystical communions of our philosophers and prominent men, we have the possibility of enjoying the gift of the vine, in the same form, in the untouched purity of nature.

You only have to take place in the rite...


Invitation to an Ancient Greek Symposium in Cologne!